Saturday, October 24, 2009

Monster Support.

IAMMONSTER taking its place on my support list!

You know you want some!

If your frothing over it as much as I am,then SUPPORT the only 100% bodyboarding label in our beautiful country!
You can contact Matt at or head on over to!

Monster also has a blog! A pretty sweet one at that,you can find it at


Friday, October 23, 2009

Story Time.

The one that got away!

So around 2 weeks ago,my foot found a rusty nail at work and the rusty nail promptly found my bloodstream.
A few choice words later I have washed it out and applied some antiseptic.Job DONE.keep working.
Weekend rolls round and I discover a small bump on the top of my foot,'thats weird' I skeem but carry on my merry way,scoring some slabs and numerous airbowls.
Monday arrives and the bump now has a yellow tip and it looks gross,put the socks on,tie the laces and off to work I go.
Midday monday I notice the unpleasant appearance of a swollen gland in my groin.
the penny drops.
Check the wound site,completely clear.
Come end of shift and my condition has worsened dramatically,I cant really walk and am feeling pretty weak.
Arrive at medical centre,stained with paint and looking just like a labourer should after a hard days work.
not allowed.

3 hours later I find myself under the scrutinzing eye of the doctor who asks 'have you been at work?we will have to record that and apply for workers compensation'

'nope,dont work,sorry'

'but your covered in paint?what were you doing then?'

Too which I reply sheepishly 'I consider myself abit of an artist,rather embarrasing really.'

Meds aqquired,back at home in bed,deportation avoided.
Who knew art would come in so handy!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tease to please.

Im a cruel bastard and I wont show you what happens next,but it entails losing a fin,paddling back out around the reef and then a 300m paddle to shore through deep water.
By the time id plucked up the courage to take on a set the photog, guru Steve Jones had already started up the hill and managed to capture this guy from a distance.

Too put your mind at ease,nothing much happened, stock standard,drop,attempt to drive and BAM,one way ticket to the underworld.

Too get you frothing(maybe),im currently filming a resume with Rich Robson of and hopefully it turns out real sick,Rich has the skills to pay the bills (with a slight wandering eye) and is a damn good bloke so im stoked to be working with him!

Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open for more updates!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Here is a photo from a session that went down today,shot by guru photog Steve Jones.

Glen sullivan and I were the only ones out,not many waves were ridden,but the ones that were ridden,were quite something.
For sure the most imtimadated I have been in the ocean in a VERY long time.

Hope you enjoy looking at this beast,and expect to see some others pop up soon!