Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Australian Pipeline

New boards are going amazing,currently riding a stock turbo 4 and loving it.FRC core so real snappy and good projection.
Took it out blackrock tonight and here are some images my friend Steve Jones could spare.
Fun day with the Turbo team,Jacob Romero,Glen Sullivan and myself.We were joined later on by Rigby,novy,Joe clarke and Cade sharp.
Congrats to Joe on his new signing he freaking SHREDS.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Ink.

The biggest happening of my career and the start of a long term relationship with the best bodyboard company in the world.Im stoked to say the least and will do a nice big update soon!

Turbo Surf Designs is pleased to announce emerging star, Jared (Jerry) Houston has signed a long term contract to join the Turbo Global team.

Jerry is 20 years of age and without a doubt one of the hottest emerging talents in the sport of bodyboarding. Jerry is a proud South African who now spends the majority of his time in Australia, refining his riding in all conditions. Jerry was one of the stand outs of the Hawaii season in 2010, capping off the season with an impressive 3rd place finish in the IBA Turbo Bodyboards Pipeline Pro.

Turbo will be providing Jerry the financial backing to follow the IBA World Tour, along with the support to participate in some exciting new concept trips in the coming months.

Glenn Taylor, Head Shaper of Turbo Surf Designs, said the following in relation to Jerry joining the team:

"We are stoked to have Jerry join the team, his riding ability along with his attitude both in and out of the water are impressive considering he is still only 20 years old. He has a huge future in the sport. We actually were in discussions with Jerry for the Turbo team prior to the Pipe event but he simply left us with no choice after his performance at the event. Jerry will start off riding the iconic Turbo IV board and I look forward working with him on board design over the coming years."

Jerry said the following in relation to signing with the Turbo team:

"I am absolutely pumped on being a part of the Global Turbo team, I really like the image Turbo holds within bodyboarding and the boards are at the forefront of performance and durability. I am really looking forward to traveling and competing with the rest of the team in 2010, all the guys shred and I feel really privileged to be a part of Turbo's big plans for the future. I know it's going to take a lot of work, but with the epic support I'm getting, I feel really confident that I can achieve good things this year!"

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happenings are happening.

  • Movement Editor Nathan Price interviewed me for their website yesterday you can check it out at
  • Fluidzone webmaster and the man behind Le Boogie, Phil Gallagher was also kind enough to give me an intro on
  • I got into a fender bender in my friends car while parked outside a backpackers in Av,im so pissed off.
  • I will be signing a new contract very soon,keep your ears to the ground.
  • Central Coast men,Aria,Lucas and marty are all colaborating on a new DVD out 2011,too follow their progress check out this blog.I get a small mention on their and am hoping to film with them extensively in the months to come.
Surfed Nuggan on tuesday with Mark Watts,Chris James,Chris Wilso,Pence and Matt Mccarthur with Andrew smythe showing god support from land,was small but super fun nonetheless!

Keep checking back.

Friday, March 5, 2010


2nd day in oz and straight down to black rock(oz pipe) for a surf.
waves were in the 2-3ft region but the place is just like a skatepark so some really good riding still went down!

Here are some frames courtesy of my new friend Aria who is filming for a new release due end of the year(I think).

Phil Gallagher was also there shooting water for his new site,you can see the gallery here.Im the 1st shot of the gallery.

Been hanging out with the Emerald Crew the past few days and so good to be back here,going back to the Northern Beaches to my man Nick Krugers house to hang with him and get some work done.
Life is good.


Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Next Chapter.

Tommorow im saying goodbye to Hawaii and leaving on the big metal bird back to great flat land of Australia, except this time round il be accompanied by my good mate and ripper Mark Watts!Epic times to follow!

Thought id just put up a bunch of photos from my time here in hawaii,its been so good,and making the finals was the perfect end to the best trip I could of asked for,great people,great waves,great place and great times!GREAT

Baby Elena and I!
My hawaiian Mommy - the beautiful Ayessha advertising!
Baby Shower madness!
Mark and I were the Braai Masters at this event,Wes trying to look as if he was doing something!
Waimea Shorey!
Waimea Beach hangs with the family!
What it all came down to in the end,a dream come true!
Giving a terrible speech!Ha,im the worst public speak alive!
Pipe pit in the 1/4's
Did I make it?
Waimea river fun!So happy I got too do this on this trip!

Vert-Mag Gibberish!

Vert Mag interviewed me this morning,thanks bOYS!Here is the link to the actual page and below is the interview in english for your reading pleasure.

1. You came to Pipe as a unknown rider and now everyone asks "who's this jarred houston?". So, can you tells just a small bio about yourself? Your age, what's your home place, when did you started bodyboarding and do you have any kind of trophies?

Hey man,thanks so much for this oppurtunity!Il happily answer these for ya!

Im 20 years old and I come from Cape Town,South Africa!I started Bodyboarding when I was 11 years old and never looked back,my parents moved from an inland Wine town to the coast when I was 14 so I could pursue Bodyboarding more actively.I have competed on the South African tour or many years,in 2005 I was SA champ,In 2006 I was the National Tour champion and I have won most of the events on the tour at different stages throughout my career.

2. Was it your first time in Pipe event? If so, how do you feel after getting to the finals and leaving some big riders behind?

This was my 2nd time in hawaii and my 2nd year competing at Pipe.Through my South African ranking I was able to get a round 6 start in this years event.The feeling of getting to the finals was absolutely mindblowing.I worked hard last year,living away from home in Australia and coming to hawaii early to train.But the feeling was absolutely insane,the best day of my life so far for sure!

3. Who was the hardest to beat during your heats? And, from what you've seen, who surfed best?

The hardest person too beat was definitly Tamega,I had been in Hawaii since december and seen him surf daily,it was very imtimidating to go up against him and he beat me the first time in the 1/4's,so I was very stoked to be able to catch him in the Semi's.Definitly a standout for me!I was very angry to have Mark Mccarthy in 1/4 final heat,as he has been there since the beggining for me and I really wished we could of met in the final instead of so early on!Amuruy-speling-was a very deserving winner though,both years I have been he has been a clear standout in the surf,so im ecstatic for him too!

4. I heard you did a special training of 3 months in hawaii. Was that a very important factor for your performance?

It was definitly a major contributor to my performance.Pipe is a special place and I feel I had the advantage of feeling comfortable out there during the contest this year.We had Pipe over 10ft over 30 times this season so that really helped me!

5. Will you be attending to some more world tour events? What about Portugal, will we be able to see you here in the Grand Slam event of Sintra?

I will do my very best to attend the key tour stops this year,Id really like to stay in the postion I am now for the rest of year,at the moment I cant afford to do the tour as it all comes out of my own pocket,but hopefully I can work something out!Id love to compete and do well at Sintra I think that event looks amazing

6. What are your sponsors at this time?
My sponsors are Science Bodyboards,Limited Edition Fins,Emerald Surf City and IAMMONSTER clothing.

Thanks a lot mate and a big congrats for your result!! Keep up!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

best day ever!

Today I realised a lifelong dream of making the final 4 of the Pipeline Pro!
I worked super hard to get there and im absolutely over the moon to be where I am now!

Amuary Lavherne took the win,with Diego Cabrera in 2nd,Myself in 3rd and Damien King coming in 4th.

Here are a few photos from the day!