Friday, June 26, 2009


My time in Perth is drawing to a close.Im working both days this weekend,and then jetting off on monday morning at 1am to the east side where il be moving in with Chris James,and my trip will start moving in the direction I have been working towards.

The Photo is just a photo really, coz no-one reads blogs without photos.If your blind and cant see whats blatantly infront of you,then its my room.dressed in black.listening to music on my black iPOD and leaning on my black board.
An ode to my dark time in perth.

Nah,its not all that bad.
I've had good times with some of the WA posse, but im ready to head over east to chase MASSIVE PITS,STUPID PUNTS AND A WIN.

The island waiting period starts on the 7th of July and Ive never been as hungry as i am now.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Boney fish.

For your enjoyment.These were taken by my friend and photo fiend Alex Turoy.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Shark Island Clip.

I got a wave in this clip,pretty embarrasing next to all the sick Island footage,Il have to redeem myself in the contest, check it out here
For some reason I cant find out how to post vIdeos?Can anyone help me?


Check me out at the following links,first up My friend,team mate and aerial freakshow Adam Luehman gave me some props on his blog which you can check out at,I tried to put a link up,but for some reason its going nowhere.
He put a few shots up there too,which were taken by Caleb Bdjerfeldt,Damon Crawford and Sacha Specker respectively.Sorry about the credits boys.

Through the guru skills of my new friend DOC(dochlach of the riptide forum) I got grilled by him for the Rippies Forum,pretty sweet interview,I talk about some stuff that you definitly would not have heard before so go check it out here.You can also catch the link on sixty40,just click on the newsitem Houston we have an interview.

Leave me some love,contact me on the right,or just comment on this blog.
I need your love haha

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Prob not worth a last ditch effort from WA.

Just recieved the following message from a Victorian(the state in which Luna Park lies) local:


The last line pretty much sums it up.
Think il be staying back this weekend,saving money for better times.

Spoke to Griz today,he reckoned today was about 15ft out at Luna's and real messy,but apparently the day before was really good.

The Daily Grind.

Take a walk through my day with me.

The top of the downhill that takes me too the uphill which leads to the place of labour.
I cycle.

My baby(or daddy),this bad boy pumps out one cover for a solar heating panel every sixty seconds.

This here is a part of the mold,those arms are just there to hold the finished product in place,which I inturn yank off and take it too phase 2.

The punch,there is a 7cm round piece of plastic in the middle of the product that needs to get punched out,for some or other reason.This is the most animal punch I have ever set eyes on.


Stick and paste.I doctor the product in a professional manner on this desk,sealing all exits.

Waiting in line.assembled by pappa Jared.

So its not much,but its paying, and I actually kinda enjoy it.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Is this what ive become?

Really questioning what the hell im actually doing in Australia at the moment?
I came here to further my bodyboarding career,but all thats been going down is me missing sessions and my hands earning a few more years.

This really stings when I see other bodyboarders my age, getting everything paid for and putting in minimal effort,or putting in worthy effort but only coz thats all they have too do.

Really fighting against becoming bitter as we speak.

So much going on inside my head,all for different reasons. Hawaii was so much easier,Australia is so big.

If all goes according to plan il be hopping on a plane friday st 1am and flying 4 hours to revel in gaping lefthand barrels and then fly 4 hours back on sunday to continue funding my dream.

The part in bold is the light in my tunnel so to speak.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Dont be wise in your own opinion

So this past week has been slow,ive spent a week in margaret river and surfed good waves once.thankfully,this extra time has led too some epic growth for me as a person,most probably brought on the the amount of time i have spent reading the bible(namely pauls letters).i love these letters,they contain such wisdom and are so relevant too the life we live today,hectic considering they were written like 2000 years ago. Anyway,really wanna share this verse i read in romans i think,cant remember the verse number,but the verse read 'do not be wise in your own opinion', i was pretty taken aback,and i realised that often i do become wise and stubborn in my own opinion that holds absolutely no fact whatsoever. IM really working on changing that at the moment,too b more gracious and too listen and learn more,too not just always assume im right and that i know everything,because in honest nothing could b further than from the truth.i believe in truth. Hopefully someone,somewhere can take something from this post,if not,file it under w for weird.

I am Inlove with BOX and it was average.

thats right, call me a nancy if you will, but today was the funnest surf i have had in a very long time.
It felt good to go so high and so far out into the flats to feel disorientated and seriously consider bailing my board.
The best part, there were at most 3 guys out including myself!
Although it wasnt as good as it gets(nowhere near) I still got a good feel for it and am absolutely frothing to get it 6-8ft and banging.
Now for the juice,check out Jarrets blog, to see what happened to him when he decided to test his scoop on one of the bigger ones of the day, sure he is gonna feel that one for a few days.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


been busting my gut to find a job the past few days, so excuse the boring blog.
My money went absolutely nowhere here, contrary to what i expected.
I have a job lined up to start on monday,so pray(perferably),hold thumbs or do whatever you do that I get it.
This also means that Pik and Si will be going there seperate way,but you can still follow their movements here.
Hope you are all getting more waves than I am.
God bless.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Life and stuff.

Ok so im still in Margs, the past few days have been pretty sweet.

We had some fun waves at a place called Gas bay on sunday, its like this little peaky reef take off that runs down a bowling sandbar for a hundred metres afterwards.

Here is a picture of me Backflipping the first bowl, I have a few other moves on this wave as well.

So rippable

You can Check more photos from this surf on my friends blog, they have some pretty cool stuff to read up there too.

Were currently on the prowl for work,nothing so far, keep your fingers crossed.

The beast awaits me.

So Unfortunatly this might be old hat now, but the amazing news I spoke of not so long ago is that I got an Invite to the 2009 nomad shark Island Challenge.
Here is the List
Dave Ballard
Christian Riguccini
Ben Sawyer
Alex Leon
Jason Finlay
Chris James
Jose Marquina
Kira Llewellyn
Ewan Donnachie
Alex Bunting
Adam Luehman
Nick Ormerod
Mike Murphy (USA)
Jared Houston (South Africa)
Sponsor wildcards:
Glen Sullivan (Emerald)
Glen Thurston (Nomad Bodyboards)
17. tbc18. tbc19. tbc20. tbc
Im pulling out all the stops to ensure a good result.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Margaret River.

Yes YES,
As the name of the post suggests, this is my current place of residence.

After A pretty crazy night at the backpackers in scarborough( we woke up about ten times just absolutely tripping over the time, as we had to leave at 5am) we got off with matty down south.
We ended up in Margs around 8am and check ed out the infamous Box first thing.
If I had just stumbled across it randomlly i would of driven right past.totally different to what i expected, and the wave wasnt breaking.
After a fun day cruising around and checking all the different waves and surfing Gas bay, were settled into our accomodation.
Our hunt for work starts monday.

Friday, June 5, 2009

In search of roo.

Bingeman the mingeman leading the way.

Just chilling , killing, you know.

Hows this ou? These things are scared as heck of humans. Except the one that Pik got a bit close too...

Do I even need to explain?
Pure extravagance.

This is a photo diary of our first day in Oz.
We are In love.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ow ozzie ozzie ozzie!

Limited Edition showing good support for me as I head over to Oz tommorow Afternoon.
Simon Heale, Jarret Johnson and I land In perth On friday around 13:25, where we will be met by my Ozzie friend Matt Bingeman who is gonna take us down to Margaret River(Home of the box,North Point etc) and Cruise with us for A little.
My new Friend, and Maker of Pastiche Dan Nicholls is arriving home on the 12th June so hopefully Il have some cool stuff to share with you, in the meantime I have hooked up with WA charger Ben Veitch and we will be getting some good surfs in.
I've been doing some packing today and saying some goodbyes,namely to my Girlfriend Nicole. Im really gonna miss her!
All of us suckers have chicks so I think its gonna be a lonley 3 months(and smelly).
Anyway, im out, il be in SA until 10 tommorow night if anyone needs to contact me, Otherwise, check the Froth every hour for the lowdown.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Oh thank you sweet Jesus!

Just recieved some amazing news.
Will let you all in on it shortly!

Really makes my trip to Australia worth it!