Monday, June 22, 2009


Check me out at the following links,first up My friend,team mate and aerial freakshow Adam Luehman gave me some props on his blog which you can check out at,I tried to put a link up,but for some reason its going nowhere.
He put a few shots up there too,which were taken by Caleb Bdjerfeldt,Damon Crawford and Sacha Specker respectively.Sorry about the credits boys.

Through the guru skills of my new friend DOC(dochlach of the riptide forum) I got grilled by him for the Rippies Forum,pretty sweet interview,I talk about some stuff that you definitly would not have heard before so go check it out here.You can also catch the link on sixty40,just click on the newsitem Houston we have an interview.

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I need your love haha

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