Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Daily Grind.

Take a walk through my day with me.

The top of the downhill that takes me too the uphill which leads to the place of labour.
I cycle.

My baby(or daddy),this bad boy pumps out one cover for a solar heating panel every sixty seconds.

This here is a part of the mold,those arms are just there to hold the finished product in place,which I inturn yank off and take it too phase 2.

The punch,there is a 7cm round piece of plastic in the middle of the product that needs to get punched out,for some or other reason.This is the most animal punch I have ever set eyes on.


Stick and paste.I doctor the product in a professional manner on this desk,sealing all exits.

Waiting in line.assembled by pappa Jared.

So its not much,but its paying, and I actually kinda enjoy it.

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