Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Is this what ive become?

Really questioning what the hell im actually doing in Australia at the moment?
I came here to further my bodyboarding career,but all thats been going down is me missing sessions and my hands earning a few more years.

This really stings when I see other bodyboarders my age, getting everything paid for and putting in minimal effort,or putting in worthy effort but only coz thats all they have too do.

Really fighting against becoming bitter as we speak.

So much going on inside my head,all for different reasons. Hawaii was so much easier,Australia is so big.

If all goes according to plan il be hopping on a plane friday st 1am and flying 4 hours to revel in gaping lefthand barrels and then fly 4 hours back on sunday to continue funding my dream.

The part in bold is the light in my tunnel so to speak.


  1. haha. Jerry hang in there my guy! When i was there last year the reality also hit me HARD, Oz is most definitely not all 'milk and honey' contrary to what most of the ignorant ones amongst us like to imagine it as.
    Digging trenches all day certainly does not fall among my dream jobs, even if it gives you $20 in the pocket an hour.. But its all part of experience hey!
    When you go to the south coast and u get all those infamous spots going off it will make up the long hours of breaking your back!! ;)

  2. Be strong little Man, your lady-like hands needed some roughing up anyway!
    Just think about what you've got and what you're going to experience and be thankful that you'll truly appreciate it all as opposed to those other fools who take so much for granted. Always look at the Positives and try turn the negatives around anyway.
    Chin up Jerry!

  3. Yooooi, u just stay head strong- Pits await, and u are paving the road to receiving them. May the lord be with u jerry, U know how the BIg G digs a bit of suffering ;-)- Praying for u man, keep safe Jerry, a Pork