Monday, June 8, 2009

The beast awaits me.

So Unfortunatly this might be old hat now, but the amazing news I spoke of not so long ago is that I got an Invite to the 2009 nomad shark Island Challenge.
Here is the List
Dave Ballard
Christian Riguccini
Ben Sawyer
Alex Leon
Jason Finlay
Chris James
Jose Marquina
Kira Llewellyn
Ewan Donnachie
Alex Bunting
Adam Luehman
Nick Ormerod
Mike Murphy (USA)
Jared Houston (South Africa)
Sponsor wildcards:
Glen Sullivan (Emerald)
Glen Thurston (Nomad Bodyboards)
17. tbc18. tbc19. tbc20. tbc
Im pulling out all the stops to ensure a good result.

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