Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Yeah Baby!After weeks of working things out with owner Matt Kieser,I have officially joined the IAMMONSTER clothing team.
Pretty frothing over the line,which I should get in my grubby paws shortly,and even more so over the plans and future of this new and exciting 100% BB label.

Long live THE MONSTER.

ts official boys and girls, I AM MONSTER would like to publicly welcome Jared 'JERRY' Houston to the the already star studded team!
If you are not completely familiar with the name Jared Houston you have been living under a rock for a fair while.
Hailing from Tableview, a hotbed of bodyboarding talent, he has been on the scene for a couple years now, doing well in contests here and there, getting good shots. But it is probably within the last 2 years where Jerry has taken it to new heights, Literally!

The photos have started filtering through the net of the kid launching huge inverts and reverses at various spots, scooping into extremely heavy pits and just surfing damn good!

He had a stellar first season in Hawaii turning heads in the contest and in free surfs, and scoring his first sixty40 cover with a massive invert at OTW!! The travel bug had bitten and very soon after he was on his way to Australia, the only saffa in the Shark Island contest this year. Again turning heads with his aerial antics, huge backflips over the shallowest parts of the reef.
He is currently in Avalon, and the guys who 6 months ago were his idols are now the guys hooting from the channel as Jerry is getting spat out of some big oz slabs or launching into the stratosphere!

Jared is surfing unbelievably well at the moment, and his bodyboarding is improving with every surf!
He is the perfect addition to the monster team, good style in and out of the water, a cool guy with a big future!! watch this space..

Saturday, September 26, 2009

In verted memory of Chris Elliot.

So its that time of the year already, South Africa's best BB'ers have congregated on the west coast for the 2009 SA championships.
From what I have heard there is a swell on its way and there are gonna be some stellar performances going down.

This will be the first time I have not been present at SA's in 8 years, first representing WP at the tender age of 12 in the Groms division (which no longer exists) at the 2002 champs held in East London, I remember it being one of the best times of my life, bunking up with my heroes (now referred to as teammates) and just having an epic time competing and hanging at the beach for a week.

In 2007, there was a new Kid on the block, a 16 yr old Whizz kid who hailed from PE. Chris Elliot was his name and oh man was he something, he went from being that amped grom too a real contender in just a few months after uprooting to CT.
Chrizzle had arrived and he turned heads everywhere he went,from the clubs to the backline to 15 minute periods spent in a vest.
He RIPPED,with a fresh style and a good attitude,he was on his way to Bodyboarding superstardom with an impending SABA title,and an imminent trip to Hawaii on the cards, he was set.

2 weeks before the 2008 Wedge classic, an event that Chrizzle had been tipped to win, he was killed in a car accident,on his way to a night of good times with close mates.
The Bodyboarding community was devastated and so was everyone who knew him.
Too be honest I could not believe it,I tried calling him on the night,just to hear his voice but to no avail.

His mother,Jacquie, wasted no time in setting up a special award in his memory, an award that Chris himself would of taken home most years and that is the Invert of the year.
It is presented to the rider,at the SA champs awards ceremony,who in Jacquie's eyes has provided photographic evidence of them performing the most Chrizzle like invert of the year.

This year I submitted some images,and I hope that Chris gets some kind of stoke outta them.Miss you buddy.

Images removed at the request of the organisers,sorry if ya missed em.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Done and Dusted.

So Indo drew to a close and we flew our tired,cut up,surfed out and partied up bodies back to the homeland for most and the land of plenty for me.

Arriving in Darwin at 1am I became slightly worried when I noticed Pik being led into an interview room by a man in uniform,2 hours later I was still worried when he hadnt been released,3 hours later I was still worried while checking in my bags without him,4 hours later I am beside myself while taking off en route to Sydney with out him.

Arriving at Sydney at 1pm a swift phonecall is made, a famliar voice at the other end is a welcome relief until the words 'im getting deported' are uttered.

All that aside,Im gonna miss the fella tremendously, but I gotta concentrate on the tasks at hand.

A-to not become an emo sod following a split from my Girlfriend of 2.5 years.
B-to make enough money for Hawaii.
C-to keep my bodyboarding profile up.

So far funds are looking promising,although today I am off work with a sore throat and blocked Sinuses following the MAJOR dust storm that Sydney experienced yesterday.

Anyway,more news to follow shortly,in the meantime here is a photo of some sweet times...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Gone surfing.

Off to indo today.pretty crazy considering i was meant to b on my way home today,pretty stoked im not too b honest.anyway,thats not the point,point of this post is you can expect me to b pretty freaking slack with posts while im there.il b working with a videographer to garner footage for limited editions new project,so hold thumbs i can pull it together and do some crazy shit.i am out.