Monday, August 31, 2009

Island Filth.

Mitch Pearson, the man with the plan has been kind enough to let me post this pic for your viewing pleasure

This was taken on the last east swell that graced Australia's shores with its presence about 2 weeks ago.

Best news yet is that the word of my new sponsor will drop next week sometime and I am super excited to work with this company as they are FRESH AS and the head designer and founder has some mad ideas!

Long live *********.
Thats all your getting from me right now.

Too see more of Mitch's epic work click on the link at the top of this post!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Big Changes.

After Much deliberation and speaking to all parties involved,I have decided to stay in Australia for the rest of 09.
I will go from here(Aus) to Hawaii,My season will end in march when I make my way back to Oz before flying home in April.
Wow,now that I right that down it really does sound long,but I reckon the rewards will far outweight the hardships, if I can nail a few more of these

and shoot myself to instant fame haha,then il be dying happy having lived a full life.

I wanna extend a Massive thanks to my sponsors Science and Limited Edition for all the help they have been giving me during my stay in AUS.

Next up-A Bali sojourn in order to garner myself another passport stamp!What an amazing legal obligation that is going to be,stay tuned..

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sneaky South times.

OK,for some reason blogger is not allowing me to upload images.
For some sweet shots of a sneaky coastal mission and a nice BIO on yours truly,take a swing past

The man has the skills to pay the bills and has got some pretty good stuff locked away on his hard drive that will hopefully surface soon via other media!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hawaii Issue drops.

Pretty frothing over my second cover (1st was with logic) and I reckon the issue is gonna be sick!Go out and Grab it!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Eye Candy.

I didnt land, waaaa waaaaa.

Il give ya a rundown of this day,wake up at 6,drive to a wave people get beaten up and killed over,its too north,drive to the island,its 6ft and building,eat 2 bacon and egg rolls,paddle out,sit for 2 hours,its now pretty large,catch my first wave and hit the bottom so hard that I think im dead,see stars,paddle back out,get told im blowing it by the photogs,get angry,paddle to the peak,get a massive foaming one that goes absolutely insane at surge,get the shot,paddle to the peak,take a small one,large flip,got the shot-evidently,paddle back,pick a medium one,invert at white rock(dry closeout section at S.I.),get the shot,paddle the photog in.We both agree I redeemed myself.Job Done boom.


I Finally have something for you guys to read,view and hopefully froth over.

Quick rundown on whats been going on since the last update.

Island Contest: The second round ran in clean,fun south swell conditions.I felt I surfed a decent heat,and that my surfing was fluid and enjoyable.
Come Presentation time,I (along with many guys) learnt the true meaning of consistency finishing a disspaointing 16th place overall.
Congrats to Ewan and A big thanks to all the sponsors and Mark Fordham for putting the event on after such initial drama's.

Cronulla: Arriving in Cronulla the night before the Island contest, Emerald surf City owner Des Govender generously albeit naively offered us a bed for the evening.We have been here ever since!
Our days consist of chilling,working some labouring jobs around the city and hanging out in the store.At this point I have gotta stress that Emerald is the sickest store I have ever been too,fully looking after a host of young bodyboarders in the area and providing a sick place to hang and soak up the vibe that is Bodyboarding.A massive thanks to Dessie,not only for letting us stay but also for all the support from the store!

Shark Island Cranks: After a week of small waves, Shark Island unleashed the beast on tuesday and wednesday this week and I was loving life.
Enjoy these images,courtesy of Tory Isles, the man behind and know that best angles are still to come in other media forms...

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Promises promises.

I am PROMISING a sick post coming up soon.

If you care,im hanging out in cronulla and working,cruising and scoring pits.

Also, I have a new sponsor,but all will be revealed in due time.