Saturday, August 15, 2009


I Finally have something for you guys to read,view and hopefully froth over.

Quick rundown on whats been going on since the last update.

Island Contest: The second round ran in clean,fun south swell conditions.I felt I surfed a decent heat,and that my surfing was fluid and enjoyable.
Come Presentation time,I (along with many guys) learnt the true meaning of consistency finishing a disspaointing 16th place overall.
Congrats to Ewan and A big thanks to all the sponsors and Mark Fordham for putting the event on after such initial drama's.

Cronulla: Arriving in Cronulla the night before the Island contest, Emerald surf City owner Des Govender generously albeit naively offered us a bed for the evening.We have been here ever since!
Our days consist of chilling,working some labouring jobs around the city and hanging out in the store.At this point I have gotta stress that Emerald is the sickest store I have ever been too,fully looking after a host of young bodyboarders in the area and providing a sick place to hang and soak up the vibe that is Bodyboarding.A massive thanks to Dessie,not only for letting us stay but also for all the support from the store!

Shark Island Cranks: After a week of small waves, Shark Island unleashed the beast on tuesday and wednesday this week and I was loving life.
Enjoy these images,courtesy of Tory Isles, the man behind and know that best angles are still to come in other media forms...

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