Sunday, May 31, 2009

My good mate, Thomas Pepler has recently started up his very own clothing label clothing.
Me and Tom go way back, and I really like his clothes and his plans, so it only made sense that he gives me some free stuff haha!

Anyways, Tom popped round yesterday to drop off some new kit and some rad stickers for my imminent trip to Australia.
We had a good chat and things were merry.
Thought id share a pic of my setup...

Check Out Toms designs and plans at

Friday, May 29, 2009

The great Trek.

On Thursday next week, myself, Simon Heale and Jarret 'Pik' Johnson(who as of today is a legal driver) will be leaving at 14:00 from CPT international Airport for the Land down under.
This will be a trip of epic proportion, spanning a good few months.
I am there for different reasons to the other members of my crew, but we all have the same basic idea.
Too score waves and have an adventure.
As it stands right now, il be home sometime in septemeber, sporting a round the world ticket that will take me that much closer to world domination haha.
Thats all im spilling for now, il be keeping the blog updated as much as I can. So be patient, Im sure it will be worth Following.


Same Invert.
Land- Damon Crawford.
Water- Ian Thurtell.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I am excited.

Some really sick photos just landed on my desk, i will share them with you at the right time.
Im going away soon, il share details with you even sooner.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So I ended up going...

Wasnt quite what I expected,but we got shacked none-the-less, here are 2 pretty cool things that happened(pity i never got a photo from the first days surfing at somewhere more Famous)

Wattsy going out of his way to adhere to the few rules of the West Coast.

I wont lie, the paddle was tough, there were too many LARGE clean up sets, but, as you can see, the RAMPS far outweighed the neggy's.

(Look at the horse shoe that is forming)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Cold feet.

So Im packing for a small adventure, and im really in 2 minds about going.
Yes, im gonna get some waves.
Yes, il be with my friends and peers.
Yes, good times are ahead.
Im gonna be packing for a big adventure next week, to another country.
I want to soak up as much time with my family and girlfriend as possible.
Its going to be a long time without.
I am currently unsure.

3 events.

Event 1.

Navigate my way through this, at one stage id done 3.8kms in 1 hour.

Event 2.

Arrive at the predetermined destination, fully psyched to get dredging closeouts in good light to be greeted with this still Majestic but Dissapointing setting.

Event 3.

Adam Luehman discovers the fabled Baboon.

Mission accomplished.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Freaky as.....

The top one has recieved its fair bit of publicity, the bottom one has been swimming in the cesspools of my database for quite some time.
Freakishly alike.

Apology, Declaration.

Apologies, for my recent behaviour and lifestyle.
Some of you may question this apology, asking for what am I actually Apologising.
This is where my Declaration comes in.
I declare that am A christian, someone who attemps to scuplt their lives of the example of Jesus Christ. Someone who strives to live for the REAL cause of Jesus Christ. Love, Compassion, acceptance , hope , sacrifice.....
In recent times I haven't been doing this at all, and for that im sorry.
People deserve better in a world like this.
I don't look down on my friends, I dont look down on you.
Im still Jerry, still just a kid from Cape Town who is blessed with bodyboarding talent.
My friends are still my friends.
But im living for something greater than myself, greater than what I have lived for in the past.
I believe in God. I believe that Jesus came to earth and died so that we may be set free.

I am Happy.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I have had a quite few weeks since being back from Durban.
I had a pretty epic trip, staying with man of the moment Mark Watts.
I had a 4th In the Cave Rock event which was held in pretty prime conditions, for the first few heats anyway.
I got a couple good rides, in my first heat I went for a really big vert, too bad i flicked it overboard and didnt make it.Overall I was pretty happy with the result, and I was able to celebrate a good days surfing with a sick braai at our house to celebrate my 20th birthday.Double whammy, was a super fun night with Boetie ( Mark Mccarthy ) and Dan W going full tag team on a few girls, Mental.
We made the trip down to Margate for the 10th annual Wimpy/ ROSSI contest and it was an awesome event.Fun waves, decent prizemoney and plenty of extra- curricular activities on hand. I got another 4th place in the most shocking Final of my life.
But I managed to snag the ' Move of the Contest' with 9pt Backflip in 1/4's.
Back to Durbs for another week and then Home sweet home, Mark has been staying with me the last few weeks and we have been scoring, see the image below for proof.The Nomad/ Limited Edition Team arrived today to Sunny skies and fun waves at CT's Little gem.
Keep a look out for us in the line-up!

Dreamy days.

Holding thumbs for the team to score like I and friends did at this peachy little slab in days too come.
Thanks to my main man Cobus Bosman, he has some epic stuff.
Check out more of his work and ramblings at

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Frothy flick...

Surprise surprise

The guy in the middle, HB team rider Charlie Pass was a blow in from durban in CT not so long ago.Coming down to enjoy the West Coasts very own liquid skate park.(And a certain City watering hole it seems)
This week signals the arrival of another blow in crew, from a little further afield than durban.Keep your ears to the ground.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Its the WEEEKEND baby!!!!!!

What does that even mean????

My life at the moment is a constant weekend, my good mate and contest MACHINE Mark Watts is residing with me at present.

We do nothing most days,only getting out of bed to take a dump or look at the waves, seen as we've both been man down the last week.

This weekend looks weird,two birthdays,3 nights of work,one massive swell,galeforce Northwesterlies and NOWHERE to surf.
This is me, in the boland on a weekend much like this one.2007

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


As today draws to a close, im pretty sure its safe to say ive blown it.
BLOWN IT, in laymans terms, I overslept and missed a potentially epic surf.
All in the name of late nights and Australian Visa's.
Even the reasurrance that I will score waves from greater than the ones BLOWN today with that printed page in passport is not enough to lift my spirits...
Too make matters worse I attemped to surprise my girlfriend with a visit and date this evening, only to find she was at a varsity function.nice.

Here's a photo of me blowing it on a rare stroom left, 2008.

Check out for photos of better days,more to follow soon so keep them eyes peeled.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New begginings.

The old Frothspot is dead.
The new one has arrived.

I am going to take a different approach to the management of this blog, different is exciting, embrace it.

Check out Peace master, and Sixty40 'best photo ever' subject boy Cobus' blog, for all the action from the past few weeks of waves. Cobo and I have been discussing a few photographic ideas on a superficial level of late, I am extremely excited at the possibilities as we delve deeper.

Here is an old, different image.
Welcome back.