Sunday, May 24, 2009

Apology, Declaration.

Apologies, for my recent behaviour and lifestyle.
Some of you may question this apology, asking for what am I actually Apologising.
This is where my Declaration comes in.
I declare that am A christian, someone who attemps to scuplt their lives of the example of Jesus Christ. Someone who strives to live for the REAL cause of Jesus Christ. Love, Compassion, acceptance , hope , sacrifice.....
In recent times I haven't been doing this at all, and for that im sorry.
People deserve better in a world like this.
I don't look down on my friends, I dont look down on you.
Im still Jerry, still just a kid from Cape Town who is blessed with bodyboarding talent.
My friends are still my friends.
But im living for something greater than myself, greater than what I have lived for in the past.
I believe in God. I believe that Jesus came to earth and died so that we may be set free.

I am Happy.

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