Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Done and Dusted.

So Indo drew to a close and we flew our tired,cut up,surfed out and partied up bodies back to the homeland for most and the land of plenty for me.

Arriving in Darwin at 1am I became slightly worried when I noticed Pik being led into an interview room by a man in uniform,2 hours later I was still worried when he hadnt been released,3 hours later I was still worried while checking in my bags without him,4 hours later I am beside myself while taking off en route to Sydney with out him.

Arriving at Sydney at 1pm a swift phonecall is made, a famliar voice at the other end is a welcome relief until the words 'im getting deported' are uttered.

All that aside,Im gonna miss the fella tremendously, but I gotta concentrate on the tasks at hand.

A-to not become an emo sod following a split from my Girlfriend of 2.5 years.
B-to make enough money for Hawaii.
C-to keep my bodyboarding profile up.

So far funds are looking promising,although today I am off work with a sore throat and blocked Sinuses following the MAJOR dust storm that Sydney experienced yesterday.

Anyway,more news to follow shortly,in the meantime here is a photo of some sweet times...

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