Friday, June 26, 2009


My time in Perth is drawing to a close.Im working both days this weekend,and then jetting off on monday morning at 1am to the east side where il be moving in with Chris James,and my trip will start moving in the direction I have been working towards.

The Photo is just a photo really, coz no-one reads blogs without photos.If your blind and cant see whats blatantly infront of you,then its my room.dressed in black.listening to music on my black iPOD and leaning on my black board.
An ode to my dark time in perth.

Nah,its not all that bad.
I've had good times with some of the WA posse, but im ready to head over east to chase MASSIVE PITS,STUPID PUNTS AND A WIN.

The island waiting period starts on the 7th of July and Ive never been as hungry as i am now.


  1. GO Jerry!!!!
    So STOKED FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!
    BOOST IT HARD!!!!!!

  2. robyn (nicoles friend) incase u forget like last timeJune 26, 2009 at 8:48 AM

    good luck hope all goes well jerry!