Saturday, July 4, 2009

Alrighty.update time babayy

First up,no photos just yet,but give me a few days.Might be able to post something real sick up here soon.

Back to the times.
Got picked up monday morning at sydney airport by none other than the man big Grizlarrrrrrrrrrr.Once in the car I realised I left my wallet in W.A. so it goes without saying that I should add Chris James to my 'sponsors' list.Thanks Brother.

Arrive at the Narrapad and plans are already underway for a coastal sojourn.The crew...Myself,Chris,Max Arent and Chris 'sweet dick willy' wilson.We were joined by Monkmonastery mastermind Will Hodget and Photog Andrew Smythe.

We surfed Nuggan and the wave really is something else,it wasnt all time,but it was sick none-the-less with every bigwig and their hairspray out there getting some.I had a few boosts, although I fell victim to the one trick pony with all the Air Fwd bowls going around.Maybe some framies to follow soon.
Had some good times down the coast,but the cherry on the top was defintly the Pole cam Fish eye shoot we did at a heavenly righthander just down the drag,followed by a MASSIVE mcd's chill.Saffa times revisted.

Thursday night is THE NIGHT at Mona Vale,a pub just north of Narrabeen and the boys were on it in full force and the times were sweet as!

Its saturday night and im in cronulla, as im writing Siomn Heale and Jarret Johnson are mentally preparing(yeah right they're watching megan fox on T.V.) for the SI trials which are going down tommorow morning starting 8am sydney times,which is midnight for all you saffa brother who ARE gonna be tuning into the live webcast to show the support.
Il keep you in the loop.

Thanks for all the love.

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