Friday, July 17, 2009

Eye candy.

The images above are from a surf I shared with Adam Luehman, Jarret Johnson and Alex Turoy at low tide SI a few minutes before the event commenced on monday the 13th of Jan.

This wave left me feeling pretty confident, only to find myself not able to link a wave in my heat.
Here is a short breakdown of Shark Island to give you an idea of how hard it is to link up a good one.

This particular day,the swell was of a straight east direction,which is basically straight onto the reef,because SI is a very uniformed(depth and general shape) reef most waves end up closing out,needing a bit more south to actually run down the reef and focus all its energy into the 'surge'.
Anyway, I picked up two waves that were probably the best of the heat,smallish on the peak with a good wall and bigger toward the surge,but unfortunately the first one bounced me and I lost a fin.The 2nd one, I totally misread and ended up being to greedy,wanting a barrel with an exit move.I ended up not getting either.I could of had full body air had i listened to my first instinct and smacked it at White Rock.

Lesson learnt,I grew as a rider from the experience and im looking forward to the next round where im looking to unleash my aerial assault wave depending.


  1. looking very comfortable.

  2. ah what a gem!

    hello on the blog vibe....yes man.

  3. An air move like the backflip between white rock and surge today?

    It was huge, but your way too keen to hurt yourself!

    Go Hard!

  4. Check for some shots from today.