Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Black Rock shock.

23:17 Leave Griz's House for the bus stop.Fully keen.
23:48 get on a bus that does not even take me to central station,sydney.
00:10 arrive at some historical building in Sydney and proceed to the 'bus stop'.After missing a few busses due to my unsuperior waving skills, I skeem screw that and catch a cab at $8.85 for like a 2 min drive to the station.
00:12 Arrive at central station to find I have missed the last train south by 2 mins, accept defeat and take my place on the floor with the Hobo's.
00:33 get restless and take a walk around,discover some more platforms and a shaky beacon of hope in the form of a train to waterfall,which is in the general direction of black rock.
00:50 board the train not knowing where its going, i am all just about the vibe now.
01:06 lying on a sticky seat in a backcarriage,excited to see where the night takes me.
01:31 get woken by a train warden 'where ya going mate?' , 'down south' I reply. 'aww,you missed the last train then, you have about a 2 hour wait.'

Signal Mood Change.

01:36 seriously considering hitching to Kiama, should of stayed in Narra. WHAT AN IDIOT.
04:12 seeking refuge in the ladies toilet(only one here it seems)
from the cold here at waterfall station. I have been here since 1 thirty and gotten maybe 20 mins of sleep.I am so cold and waves are so far outside my though patterns right now!
04:28 Started hiking,it is so cold I actually cant describe it.Praying so hard that a non Psycho picks me up.Although at this rate im not picky.
05:32 Arrive at Kiama after my first warm experience of the night spent in a car from waterfall.

Ok this is where the Diary ends,but to give you some idea of what followed.

Walk 20 mins to Pik and Simon's Kiama Residence,wait one hour for them to get ready.Hike to Kiama station,wait one hour for the train,ride trasin for 20 mins to bomaderry,walk to princes highway from station(20 mins),hitch a ride to Jervis Bay turn off,jitch another ride to the main roundabout in Jervis bay(10 min Drive),Walk from main roundabout for roughly 1 1/2 hours,get picked up by a BB mom who informs us black rock is bad,2o min car ride to actual break.

The time is now 12:30

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  1. big time bummer!
    its all part of the experience though ey?
    im still jealous.
    what suit you riding in?