Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A small reminder.

Riding the bus today to Warringah mall at around 12:20 pm,completely zoned out and loving being cut off from the hustle and bustle of daily life around me,my attention was caught by a baby in his fathers arms.
After a quick glance around i soon realised that I wasnt the only one totally mesmerized by this miniature human learning seemingly simple things like sitting up straight,waving to strangers and folding and unfolding his hands.

Ten mins later and im still staring like a weirdo (albeit behind a pair of dark glasses) and I am completely awestruck by the complexcity of the task at hand for the childs father.He actually has to teach this small,illiterate creation how to live,how to go about things,how to go around things,HOW TO SURVIVE.i would be scared shitless.

It struck me how much my parents invested in me,when they were only a few years older than me,I entered their lives as a small illiterate creation and I literally became the task at hand for an entire chapter of their lives,while they first tended to my every need and then gradually began to expect things of me in return,wiping my own bum,tying my own shoes and in doing so,teaching me how to look after myself and how to survive and succeed as a human being.

Basically,I was reminded of how a) how amazing my parents are and b) to appreciate and look out for small things like the experience today that can actually teach you alot and bring you back down to earth from the crazy lives we sometimes lead.

So, THANK YOU mom and dad,and everyone else in between who taught me how to live and gave me the freedom to decide my own method of doing it.Im travelling and living my ultimate dream and im just really as happy as can be right now.

Keep your eyes open.

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  1. Nice insight Jerry...glad things are going well for you...cheers.