Friday, July 17, 2009

Water sucks,sometimes.

This is a photo from a session at an absolute skate park of a wave that il call bravegrom's.Its located on the NSW South Coast and I shared these waves with Max Arent,Chris Wilson and Photog Andrew Smythe, while Chris James and Will hodget filmed from shore.

Just a couple of blokes enjoying pits and ramps just a short while away from the Nuggan Freakfest we experienced earlier this day.

Anyway,been toying with this image for awhile now.I love it,the spray sucks though,but the wave doesnt.

There is another Photo from this session that hopefully will surface in the next fine BB publication.But il never show you that hahahaha.

Contest on hold today,its too small,time is running out fast so organisers are looking to the end of the week to run the final round, where I can hopefully unleash my own attack on the beast.

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