Saturday, July 25, 2009

Extension babayyyyyyyy!

Its confirmed, the 2009 Shark Island challenge waiting period which was scheduled to draw to a close on the 27th of July has been extended till the 9th of August in hopes of another swell to complete Round 2.

Im pretty stoked about this, my first round was a shocker and im pretty keen to get out there and prove to the rest of the guys why I am in the event.
Il be honest I had help securing a wildcard into the event, but the help I recieved was honest help too.
Mark Mccarthy played a big role, sending an email to the organisers backing me up, even touting me as 'the best rider coming out of South Africa at the moment' , while Im grateful for this huge compliment, I dont feel I am yet deserving of it. Thats not to say im not gonna try to live up to it.
My fins sponsor and co-sponsor of the event, Limited Edition fins also played a huge role in getting me into the event,cheers guys.

Basically, I wanna do well in the next round to achieve two things, firstly to prove to myself and too others that I deserve my international wildcard and secondly to thank the people who have helped me along the way.

There havent been any waves whatsoever here on the Northern beaches the past few days,which has been super frustrating but Jarret and myself have been keeping busy with walks into town,phoning around for work and surfing the terrible waves on offer, just because we wouldn't wanna be doing anything else!

This blog has been a bit boring of late and my apologies, as you can read not much has been going on.
What I can suggest is that you head on over to madman Cobus Bosmans Sheepalign ,its recently undergone so transformations and there is a hell of a lot to read and see on there.I think I have read it all around 4 times haha!

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