Friday, July 10, 2009

Shark Island is ON.

Competitors are meeting at SI tommorow morning at 8am for a 9am start in the 2009 SIC brought to you by Nomad.

I am in the 3rd heat,coming up against Chris James,Dave Ballard, Brendon Ryan Mike Murphy.

The heats are all stacked and I think its really gonna be the next level,in the words of an SI local ' its gonna be f'ing heavy man' ,with waves in the 6-8ft range predicted,with an almost full east direction,which means alot of closeouts.Eish.

The live feed can be found on the Limited Edition website,which you can access from Riptide's web or Sixty40.

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  1. hey good luk man all the best prayin 4 u! wilder