Friday, June 12, 2009

Dont be wise in your own opinion

So this past week has been slow,ive spent a week in margaret river and surfed good waves once.thankfully,this extra time has led too some epic growth for me as a person,most probably brought on the the amount of time i have spent reading the bible(namely pauls letters).i love these letters,they contain such wisdom and are so relevant too the life we live today,hectic considering they were written like 2000 years ago. Anyway,really wanna share this verse i read in romans i think,cant remember the verse number,but the verse read 'do not be wise in your own opinion', i was pretty taken aback,and i realised that often i do become wise and stubborn in my own opinion that holds absolutely no fact whatsoever. IM really working on changing that at the moment,too b more gracious and too listen and learn more,too not just always assume im right and that i know everything,because in honest nothing could b further than from the truth.i believe in truth. Hopefully someone,somewhere can take something from this post,if not,file it under w for weird.


  1. Hey bro, yes, I took something out of it for sure... so glad to hear ur getting into the word there man, it's awesome to know the Holy Spirit can work in u wherever you are! Praying for u man, hope u get that job! ps- got epic famous and reef next to bones this week- im in love with weskus! haha cheers bro much love

  2. when i read that same verse(ROMAN 12:16) I also was taken aback by its simple but astonishing truth. Its something i never thought about before reading it, but i seem to do it all the time. I can def appreciate you posting this! Its always good to hear something that I've thought about going thru someone elses mind! especially when its TRUTH..