Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Next Chapter.

Tommorow im saying goodbye to Hawaii and leaving on the big metal bird back to great flat land of Australia, except this time round il be accompanied by my good mate and ripper Mark Watts!Epic times to follow!

Thought id just put up a bunch of photos from my time here in hawaii,its been so good,and making the finals was the perfect end to the best trip I could of asked for,great people,great waves,great place and great times!GREAT

Baby Elena and I!
My hawaiian Mommy - the beautiful Ayessha advertising!
Baby Shower madness!
Mark and I were the Braai Masters at this event,Wes trying to look as if he was doing something!
Waimea Shorey!
Waimea Beach hangs with the family!
What it all came down to in the end,a dream come true!
Giving a terrible speech!Ha,im the worst public speak alive!
Pipe pit in the 1/4's
Did I make it?
Waimea river fun!So happy I got too do this on this trip!

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