Sunday, November 22, 2009

Health and Prosperity.

Take me back 2 months and Im in Bali living a debaucherous no worries,free living,free drinking,free eating,free surfing lifestyle.
Take me back 2 months and im blowing sections left right and centre,not making waves,feeling weak,un-controlled and unfit.

Take me back to my first month in Australia, Joe Clark is all over the media and is blowing up,'what the heck?' , 'since when did he get so good?'

Take me back to late september, Riptide issue 172, Joe speaks of his new found steez and the reasons for it, a revelation of professionalism and healthy living,core strength and fluidity.
Take me back to now.

I've been extremely inspired of late,to be the best I can be and be in the best possible shape.
Eating well makes me feel good and gives me more energy,whilst excersizing and training is making me into the best bodyboarder I can be, and I think the proof of this is starting to show,just like Joe's did in the early stages, with my recent performance in QLD.

With Hawaii fast approaching and my routine gaining momentum, I am getting really excited as to what I will be able to accomplish this season.

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